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BioAQUA Acne Scar Treatment, Natural Blemish Gel, Acne Pimple Acne Spot Removal Cream, Oil Control Shrink Pores Face Care Cream

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  • Product Code: BIO510030
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  • Brand: BioAQUA
  • Manufacturer: BioAQUA
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Price: 2059 PKR

Product Description:

BioAQUA Acne Scar Treatment  Spot Removal Cream  Get rid of skin problems , specially shrink pores , imroves skin surface , will keep your face fresh and clearn , get rid of acne , acne marks and uneven skin



    • Effective regulation, balanced facial oil secretion
    • Shrink pores, improve skin elasticity
    • To keep the face clean and fresh
    • Rid of acne, acne marks and repairing damage to the skin
    • Repair uneven rough, making skin smooth and delicate


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