FAQ 's

FAQ 's:

1- Does Amazon ship in Pakistan directly?

No! Well the straightforward answer to this question is no. You may have this query in your mind that if Amazon ship in Pakistan and you can get the products directly from them. Some 4% products can be brought from Amazon in Pakistan with direct order but still there is no procedure for grabbing with an order at Amazon yet.

We are providing you this facility for Amazon online shopping in Pakistan making it simple. You just need to tell us what you want as Amazon coming to Pakistan is the under construction concept. We will make Amazon coming in Pakistan possible for you.

2- How can you buy from Amazon in Pakistan?

We import them through a long but protected method. Our process includes shipping Amazon products at our representative’s address at USA and then shipping towards Pakistan. We have a setup that is making this complex procedure simple for you. It is for your facility that we hold the responsibility for Amazon shipping in Pakistan and our route is transparent as we are loyal to our clients. Through this method we also import the products from other leading shopping websites such as eBay and Alibaba. Similarly the products are shipped at America first and then to Pakistan.

3- Is it Safe Amazon Shopping Pakistan with us?

Yes! It’s completely safe. The procedure is complex with a number of transactions cross border that are subjected to custom duty charges. It is needed to fulfill before the products reach the land. A number of authorities are involved to complete the transaction. We are putting our extra effort to make it simple and quick for our consumers so you can get your order in the less possible time and best possible price. The original invoice by the company is issued for the protected Amazon shopping in Pakistan. We ensure you for no hassle.

4- How we select Amazon Products?

The leading ecommerce Amazon has the largest collection that it shipped to some specified areas in the world only. Only 4% products are otherwise provided in Pakistan but we are making shipping of majority of best products from Amazon in Pakistan. Our selection is based on the best selling products of Amazon and they are originally provided as delivered to us. We are constantly looking for what is best for our consumers and select the best international products for Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. You will get the reliable services for the shopping from USA to Pakistan at your home.

5- Why are we importing from Amazon in Pakistan?

The most trusted shopping website in the world is Amazon that has international sellers and reliable products. It’s being trustworthy creates the desire of buying best products and you may also have dreamed of buying something from Amazon but not having the facility has limits your desire. Now you are enables to do so. We are importing from Amazon in Pakistan so you can have everything that you desire to buy. With the easiest method and best price this service is premium. We are also importing from other leading shopping websites for you.

6- How can you Import from Amazon?

It is fun and simple J Visit our online store and checks the huge collection at online store. You may find the relevant product; pick exactly what you are looking for and put in the cart. For instance you could not find what you require then go to the custom order provision. You just need to share the website link of the product at Amazon and share your details with us. We require your address to deliver, phone no. to contact and email address. We will track down the product with the URL and get back to you. The price of the product will be communicated to you in Pakistani rupees. We will define the payment method and precede the order.

7 -What we do not import from Amazon in Pakistan?

We do not import certain things right now that include Cell Phones, Gadgets, Batteries TV, Heavy machinery, weapons, seeds, and knife. The reason behind this is extra freight charges.

8- How much time it takes for Amazon Products Delivery in Pakistan?

It takes about 3 to 4 weeks for processing from order to the delivery at your doorstep. The process is divided into 3 steps. Step1: shipping of your order from Amazon to USA representative. Step 2: Shipping from USA to Pakistan. Step 3: from the office of Amazonshopping.pk to your home. If you want quick delivery in 1-2 weeks we can make it possible but it will cost you expensive shipping and you will pay the duty charges as well.

9-How the cost and shipping is charged?

Our rates are the least possible prices. We offer the shipping rates that cost you the minimum. For the reliable services we also make cost and shipping transparent for the consumers. The standard rate for the shipping is 10-15 USD per lb. It is around quarter than the direct shipping from Amazon and USA. Per order cost includes 5 elements that include;

1.      Actual cost of the item,

2.      Standard shipping from USA

3.      Shipping in Pakistan

4.      Tax in Pakistan

5.      International custom / duty

 Combining the whole amount we cost you what is least possible. Simply we are charging 1000pkr for spending $100 USD each and similarly.

10-The pricing rule for Amazon shopping in Pakistan

Imported Amazon products in Pakistan the price considered is that at the time of order placement. We place the order same day as you place it at Amazonshopping.pk so the current prize is considered and if the prices go high or low at Amazon we will not take any hold for it. We provide your desired item at the cost mentioned by Amazon. For the convenience of consumers we offer to convert the currency with forex.pk or any reliable source so you get the idea of the market rate. There is no hidden cost.

11-Do we provide Amazon Prime Products?

Being the largest online shopping platform Amazon has everything of every kind. This online store has unique, most reliable, highest quality and international products and finding Amazon prime products in Pakistan is not available other than the method we are offering. Yes we are providing Amazon prime products in Pakistan from the international brands and those best selling globally.

12-Amazonshopping.pk has the stock of Amazon products in Pakistan?

We import the products as per order and take custom orders as well so you can do Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. We are the bridge between Amazon products and your home. It is just like you places your order at Amazon and the product reaches you at your doorstep. We’re linked with the setup in America for this functioning. It is for you so can get the best quality and best products for you.

13- Amazon Return Policy valid here in Pakistan?

Due to absence of direct shipping Amazon in Pakistan the return policy does not apply straightly. Amazonshopping.pk has its return policy. If you get wrong parcel or the product is not what you ordered for; we will return that for the sake of company’s fault. The order with company’s mistake will be returned free of cost. As the products and parcels are received from USA and Amazon they are right away sent to the consumers. So, if you get the product damaged or any fault in it, like change color, slightly different or any other manufacturing fault we will not be responsible. We are not liable to any fault by Amazon. We assure you the product provided to you will be original imported from Amazon in Pakistan and those will be original brands products as stated at the website. Happy Amazon online shopping in Pakistan!

14-Payment method for Amazon Products in Pakistan with COD

The simplest and the easiest method is adopted for the orders less than 3000pkr. We are offering Amazon products online shopping in Pakistan with cash on delivery. It is the convenient for the consumers, getting the products at the doorstep with the original brand and paying for the order at receiving. On the orders of more than 3000pkr we ask for the 50% advance payment.

15- How to order?

You have to pick the product and place your order at our website. Are you are looking for; “How to order at Amazon?” You do not need to do that yourself. We do this for our consumers and place the order of the listed products or the one you shared the link with us for your custom order. For any confusion or quires you can call us straightly. Our online store is here to provide you Amazon products in Pakistan.

16- Tell me about the process of Amazon shipping in Pakistan?

For you, the Amazon shipping in Pakistan is simple and easy. Just explore the relevant product and select exactly what you want and place your order putting them in cart. Fill the require details including address, contact no. your name and process the order. We will get back to you and will call you for the confirmation. For tacking your order send us an email with the details or make a call with the order no.

17- Shopping from other international websites

We not only import from Amazon buy also from majority of the large online store. You can also have eBay in Pakistan and Alibaba in Pakistan. If your dream required product is from any of the international website we will make it possible for you. It is the virtual shopping world that you experience at Amazonshopping.pk. You can order from any website sharing the link of the product. We are taking orders from;

·         Amazon.com

·         eBay.com

·         Alibaba.com

·         DX.com

·         Etc.